The veranda awaits

May 13, 2010 by insideout

The major renovation of our cape cod bed & breakfast veranda is complete!ย ย  We are starting to put the rockers and wicker furniture out for all guests to enjoy and it very tempting to take a break and just enjoy the beautiful spring weather.ย  I can just imagine the original owners in their finery having afternoon tea enjoying the cape cod air and beautiful gardens.

A couple of wicker rockers on the southern side of the Inn's veranda.

Iced Tea or Lemonade anyone? Wood rocking chairs on southern side of veranda

Partial view of the southern side of the wraparound veranda facing the back gardens & gazebo

See what year's of cape cod air had done to our bed & breakfast veranda floors before our renovation

A good cleaning

May 7, 2010 by insideout

One of the jobs we knew we had to do at our cape cod bed & breakfast was to clean the pink granite pillars at the entrance to the Inn.ย  After some prep work and then a good power washing the granite looks fabulous.ย  Below is a before and after picture for you to see.

The beautiful natural luster returns!

You can see the green mold being cleaned off.

One of the granite pillars at the entrance to the bed & breakfast upon purchase.

Special Thanks

May 6, 2010 by insideout

Nye room after Carmen's help

Nye room when purchased Inn in January 2010.

As we prepare to open I am writing this blog to share interior pictures of the Inn and thank Carmen McNeil of Changes by Carmen for her interior decorating help.ย ย  Carmen traveled from Western Massachusetts to provide consultation.ย  No stranger to the Cape, she made the trip to be on-site providing consultation.ย  I recommend her to any who are in the process of decorating a new space or revitalizing existing space.ย  Her email address is

Thank you also to Allen at Allen’s House of Flowers for the gorgeous flower arrangements he created for our photos for the new website that is under construction.ย  He is busy doing our arrangements for our opening in May as well.

Lastly, thank you to our photographer, Christian Giannelli,ย  for his great work in capturing the essence of the Inn in his photos.ย  He will be back in early June to capture exterior shots of our cape cod bed & breakfast.

Forbes room after Carmen's help

Forbes room when purchased Inn

Living Room after Carmen's help

Living room when purchased Inn.

Flowers by Allen's House of Flowers

Flowers by Allen's House of Flowers

Sample flower arrangement by Allen's House of Flowers

Living Room comfort

April 29, 2010 by insideout

The other day I posted a copy of before and after pictures of the Lawrence room at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast.ย  Today I wanted to share a before and after picture of the Living Room.ย  After new paint, new carpets, new ceiling fans and new furniture we look forward to hosting our guests for an enjoyable and relaxing time in this beautiful living room at the Inn.

A Western facing angle of one of the sitting areas in the New Living Room

The view of the New Living Room facing North.

The Living Room the day we did inspections for purchasing the Inn.

The Lawrence Room

April 26, 2010 by insideout

The Lawrence room is named after H.V. Lawrence who was a well known arborist in Cape Cod and is responsible for the beautiful and unique trees and shrubs on The Captain’s Manor Inn property.ย  The room has recently undergone a significant renovation/redecoration and I am pleased to post a before and after picture for you to see.


The Lawrence Room after

The Lawrence Room Before

The sign is up!

April 24, 2010 by insideout

How exciting…today we picked up the beautiful hand carved sign for the Inn done by local cape cod sign carver Anne Downs.ย  It was a family affair to get the sign up and in position.ย  Kevin and I plus son Kevin each had our job to do and after about 2o minutes we had success with the sign in place.

Landscaping has begun

April 21, 2010 by insideout

What a great day.ย  Spring is in the air and the landscaping has begun.ย  The crews are busy at work bringing our bed and breakfast park-like lawns back to glory.ย  An early owner of the property, H.V. Lawrence, was a well known arborist and there are beautiful trees and plantings on the property.ย  One of the reasons we were drawn to purchase this cape cod bed and breakfast property in January was the beauty of the grounds and our desire to revitalize the Inn property both internally and externally.ย  The grounds team is working diligently and shared that some of the grounds have not been attended to in several years so the pruning was very much needed.

A few pictures of the work are posted for you to enjoy.

New stone for the front walkway through the wrought iron gate

Getting ready to pump the mulch into a back yard garden

Years of neglect of the grounds is apparent

Moving history

April 12, 2010 by insideout

Our cape cod bed & breakfast was built in 1849 when the horse and buggy were the main means of transportation and as we know that time has changed.ย  The circular driveway that surrounds Captain’s Manor Inn is marked at the front of the entrance and exit by large pink granite pillars and a wrought iron fence.ย  The pillars were plenty wide enough for a horse and buggy but certainly not for the SUV’s and trucks that adorn the roads today.ย  So following a presentation to the historical commission we received permission to move the inner most granite pillar on the entrance and the exit areas of the driveway by one foot to help make our guests access easier.ย  Today the work is underway to move the pillars ….

Ready to lift!!!

The original entrance spacing

The original exit spacing

Down and out!!!!!!!!!!!

The old and the new

April 8, 2010 by insideout

Today marked the day for the new ceiling fans to be installed in the living room, the chandelier on one end of the rom moved from the living room to the foyer and the old outdoor three canister spot light in the other end ofย  the living room moved to the trash.ย ย ย  With this upgrade you wanted to take our Cape Cod bed & breakfast back to reflect more of the time in which is was built.ย  Now in the warm days of summer you can enjoy fresh air from the neighboring sea shore as it circulates in from the windows leading to the 1900 square foot veranda to the living room of the Inn.

Notice the three can outdoor spotlight - very interesting

The chandelier in its old location

Loving the new ceiling fans with ambient light above and dimming lights below.

Exterior Updates

April 5, 2010 by insideout

The deck floor starts to go down.

Now that nice weather is here activity has picked up on the exterior of the Inn.ย ย  Our approvals are in from the historical commission so work is underway on replacing the roof and replacing the verandah floor of the entire wraparound deck.

Sure is high on this third story!

verandah decking

The old floor is up and new floor braces are in.