Landscaping Spring Project Cape Cod

February 25, 2017 by Trish Robinson

Landscaping spring project work has begun. For a couple of years we have been looking at the frontย gardens and doing our best to continue to nurture and pamper the large shrubs in front of theย veranda. During this winter it became apparent that it was time to undertake a major project to remove the old, woody shrubs that hadย very limited life remaining and were short on healthy buds etc.

So Kevinย Sr and Jr have started this major project by cutting down the old shrubs and removing stumps etc.ย We will continue to show progress and new pictures over the months ahead on this page.

We hope you enjoy watching the progress as much as we enjoy sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


Landscaping Spring Project Shrub Clearing in front of Inn

Inn Shrubs before start of spring project

View from right side

View from the right side

View from Left side



Chainsawing Shrubs to clear area

Kev Sr and Kev Jr cutting old shrubs

Stumps on the right side

Left side remaining stumps

Left side remaining stumps

Starting to level the soil.

Quite the pile of stumps




Gazebo Landscaping at Captain’s Manor Inn

November 16, 2010 by insideout

The fall felt like a good time to get to work on the back yard.ย  In came the landscapers (and Kevin of course) to clean out years of brush and level the ground to prepare for a new stone walkway, a fire pit, a storage shed etc.ย  The work is now done and we look forward to your next visit and encourage you to take a stroll to the back grounds and gazebo.