Blizzard 2013 Nemo

February 11, 2013 by insideout

It has been a very busy few days especially since we were supposed to be closed.ย  We fortunately did not lose power so we opened up to provide rooms for a number of past guests, family, and local neighbors who lost power.ย  In addition NSTAR had contacted us and we housed 5 NSTAR workers some of whom had traveled for days from Tennessee to help our neighbors in Massachusetts.

Yesterday we decided to go for a walkabout and take some pictures to share.ย  My daughter Laura and my son’s dog Gus accompanied me on the walkabout. One great idea we had was to go for part of our walk on the Shining Sea Bikeway which as you will see in the pictures started out plowed but that ended and we got a good leg workout trudging through the snow and drifts ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing everyone restored power soon and back to the normalcy of winter in New England.

Highfield Hall | Sunken Garden | Falmouth, Ma

August 11, 2011 by insideout

Sunken Garden Plan

Sunken Garden Plan

Sunken Victorian Garden

On your next visit to The Captain’s Manor Inn bed and breakfast,ย  we highly encourage you to visit Highfield Hall and see one of their newest visions come to life!!!ย ย  After much research and work the Sunken Garden is available to view and enjoy.ย  In its focal location, it is the most visible garden on the property and the one that will be most closely returned to its original historical appearance. For more information go to the Highfield Hall website and read about the full master plan by clicking here.ย  See my photo as taken on my trusty Iphone below.