Foul Mouth

August 29, 2014 by Trish Robinson

Foul Mouth by artist Jenny Fragosa will be on exhibit at the Falmouth Museums on the Green from August 29th through October 11th. A fun play on words in the title of the exhibit which is based on a look back at history in the town of Falmouth.

Expressions in Stitches, Then and Now

July 4, 2014 by Trish Robinson


Expressions in Stitches, Then and Now by artist Salley Mavor will be on exhibit at the Falmouth Museums on the Green from July 4th through August 18th.

Tea with Shirah Neumann

May 10, 2014 by Trish Robinson

Tea with Shirah Neumann will be held at the Falmouth Museums on the Green where you have the chance to talk about the Small Visions exhibit on display or other works by the artist.

Main Street Ice Cream | Falmouth,MA

June 29, 2013 by insideout

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Falmouth’s Main Street has many iceย cream shopsย with many different choices to chose from. Looking for a fun night out with a little dessert specialty to end your perfect night? Well our Main Street has just what your looking for, with many ice cream shops just minutes away.


Ben and Bills Chocolate Emporium:

Ben and Bill's local Chocoalte emporium.

Ben and Bill’s local Chocoalte emporium.

ย ย ย ย Ben and Bill’s is a co-owned ice cream shop and chocolate emporiumย that has been on Main Street since 1992 and has been serving happy customers ever since. They offer 64 flavors of hard-ice cream and 12 different flavored gelatos. They also make their own waffle cones which are a must! If your not in the mood for ice cream, you could also enjoy some of their many handmade chocolates, candies, fudges, or my favorite, butterscotch. Whatever sweets your in the mood for, they’re sure to have it!

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Ghelfi’s Candies and Ice Creams:

Ghelfi's candies and ice creams, located on Falmouth's Main Street.

Ghelfi’s candies and ice creams, located on Falmouth’s Main Street.

Ghelfi’s Candies and Ice creams is also located on Main street. It offers a variety of candies and ice cream. It is fairly new to Main Street and offers customers all homeade desserts. Ghelfi’s has a kitchen on Cape cCod where they make everything they offer in their stores. You can also go to their website to order there treats right to you. Whether you need a gift for valentines day, or sweets for your wedding day, Ghelfi’s has it.

Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen ice cream shop, home of the blizzard.

Dairy Queen ice cream shop, home of the blizzard.

Dairy Queen is located a little farther down Main Street, but its worth the five minute car ride. Dairy Queen offers its customers many unique soft serve combinations. From their famous blizzard, which is a mix of ice cream and your favorite toppings, to hot fudge sundaes and banana splits. Dairy Queen is just an ice cream store and offers its customers outdoor benches to enjoy their little piece of heaven.

Falmouth Historic Society| Cape Cod Historic Guided Walk

June 20, 2011 by insideout

Just across from The Captain’s Manor Inn is the Falmouth Historic Society on the Falmouth Village Green. ย One of the favorite pastimes for visitors is the free 90 minute guided walk past Falmouth’s historic homes and places. The walk begins at 10 am starting May 31 and every Tuesday throughout the summer.

One of our guests from Canada last summer took some wonderful pictures of the Museums on the Green and their gardens that are shown below:

The walk starts and ends at the Hallett Barn Visitorโ€™s Center on the grounds of the Falmouth Museums on the Green, 55 Palmer Ave.


Preserve America|Historic Cape Getaway|Falmouth Ma

May 10, 2011 by insideout

In 2009 the Town of Falmouth was designated a Preserve America Community by the White House. This award is important because it is for perpetuity and Falmouth is the only town on the Cape to have received this award.ย  The award is a tribute to the our historical organizations and individuals who have helped to keep our town’sย ย  history preserved and relevant for us and for the future. In 2011, Falmouth plans to honor the โ€œPreserve Americaโ€ designation in conjunction with the 325th Anniversary of the incorporation of Falmouth in 1686.


We invite you to book your accomodations at the elegant Captain’s Manor Inn in Falmouth where there are numerous historic sites, museums, and homes.ย  Guided historic walks are provided by The Falmouth Historic Society as well as Highfield Hall.


We are especially proud of Falmouth’s designation as a Preserve America Community and view ourselves as stewards ofย  The Captain’s Manor Inn, a Cape Cod bed and breakfast built in 1849 and lovingly restored to its old-world architectural splendor with up-to-date amenities.ย  The Inn is listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places as part of the Falmouth Village Green Historic District.


Cape Cod Winter Wonderland

December 23, 2010 by insideout

We just cleaned out from our first snowstorm of the season!

The snow was heavy and wet vs. light and fluffy.ย  You can tell how the ocean wind was pushing the snow by the looking at the east side of the Inn sign as compared to the west side of the sign.ย  Also if you look at an enlargement of the front of the Inn picture you will see a wreath was blown away by the wind.ย  (Our daughter Laura found it in one of the shrubs in the front yard after a bit of a search : -).

[nggallery id=7]

The Falmouth Village Green decorations look even more special after the snow.

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Holiday Decorations in Falmouth, Cape Cod

December 14, 2010 by insideout

The holidays are always so festive and as newcomers to Falmouthย  we were looking forward to seeing the town holiday decorations and adding some of our own.

We decided to concentrate on the entrance to the Inn and a few other areas.