Many of our guests remark on the luxurious feel of our bedding. We are pleased to share that while these wonderful wrinkle-free microfiber bed linens arenโ€™t available in stores you are able to order them through us and we will have them shipped directly to your home. The incredibly soft and high-quality fabric used in Comphy sheets took years to develop by a spa director dedicated to creating the best bedding for comfort.

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  1. Hi,
    We are friends of Dick and Diane Cashman in the Plantations.Our daughter has just opened a B&B in France and I asked to see your website. Small world! Several years ago my siblings and mother and I all stayed at Mostly Hall. It was fabulous then and you have made it even better. Our best wishes for a very successful business.
    Judy and Larry Link

    1. Dear Judy and Larry,

      Thank you for your email. My Dad and Diane mentioned you and your daughter’s new venture. How exciting and I can not believe you stayed at Mostly Hall. Talk about an incredibly small world!! Our best wishes to your daughter and thanks for making our day with your email. Would love to see your daughter’s B&B and be able to tell people about it if they are traveling that way.
      Trish and Kevin Robinson

  2. Wow! What a wonderful site. The place looks absolutely beautiful Trish & Kevin. How was your 1st guests stay? I wanted to take this time also to thank you for the comments, I truely appreciate them. Keeps me thinking positively…

    If you need any additional help in the future, please let me know. Enjoy your first bookings. Maybe we’ll see you on the Cape this summer!!!

  3. Congratulations, Trish. It’s just lovely and I wish you and Kevin many years of happiness in your new venture.

  4. Hi, Trish! I just an email from Liz Sheridan with a link to your website! WOW! What a beautiful website and place! Your next chapter is exciting. Of course, I’ve lost all track of time and now I realize your daughter must be in college or out and your son out of college. We rarely go to Falmouth; it’s such a long way from Harwich, but we may have to make an exception. It would be great to see you. Good luck! Julie

  5. Could you please see if you have any availability for just
    one night – Sept 25th — for us to celebrate our

    We are attending an engagement party and would love to
    stay at your inn.,

    Joanne & Chuck Clark

  6. Wow! What a great blog post. I love sunsets and now I know where I need to go and stay to see the best Cape Cod has to offer! Thanks so much for sharing this great information.

  7. The best of the best of the BEST …we dine with them most every weekend for breakfast or lunch…or both. Be sure to have one of their Bloody Marys…a meal in itself. A rare treat to find delicious food AND friendly and accommodating staff.

  8. How exciting. We can’t wait to see it.!
    You both should be on Hgtv along with the Gaines, Jo and Chip.
    Wishing you a very happy healthy 2016.

    See you soon.


    1. Hi Gerri and Fred! Always love to hear from you both. We love Jo and Chip. Warm wishes on the way to you for a wonderful 2016.

  9. I can’t imagine a more beautiful, romantic destination than the Captain’s Manor in Falmouth, MA.
    Our weekend getaway a couple of years ago was like a dream. It was the last weekend of Indian Summer. Sooo beautiful!! Thank you Trish for taking care of every detail for us. Captain’s Manor is top of our list of places to experience again

    1. Thank you it was an absolute pleasure to be your hosts! We hope you have the opportunity to visit again.

  10. Trish and Kevin you are excellent hosts. We felt both welcomed and pampered during our stay at Captain’s Manor Inn. We truly hope to see you again! Warm regards from Michigan.

    1. Hi Diana and thank you! Enjoyed seeing your pictures of your trip to Africa.

    1. Thank you and we look forward to a future visit with you! Enjoy your Spring.

  11. Hello Trish,

    Were all the works made by Kevin?
    As usual, it is very beautiful.

    See you!

    1. Thank you Helen and Normand. Kevin appreciates your comments ๐Ÿ™‚ Look forward to seeing you both!

  12. Wonderful idea, Trish. Great perspectives on the Captain’s Manor Inn and those many enjoyable places nearby. And an innovative marketing idea, too. Just one question: were those sequences on the Shining Sea bike path taken by a drone or from a bike? I’d be pretty startled if a drone passed me on that tranquil bike trail, but I guess we should get accustomed to things like that. Best wishes to you and Kevin.


    Hal Shill
    Hillsdale, NJ

    1. Hello Hal The Shining Sea bike path sequence was with the drone …. the ladies on the bikes were the drone pilot’s wife and daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best Hal.

  13. Guten tag Trish,
    We’re presently visiting Germany and Alsace.
    A wonderful journey in the country of the “good wine” ……

    We really like receiving news from you.
    And what a good idea to film your house and its neighbourhood with a drone. Just great!
    Years after years, the Captain’s Manor Inn always seems more and more beautiful.
    Say hello to Kevin. Hope to see you again soon.
    Helen & Normand

  14. Thanks for posting this. Brings back fantastic memories of our stay two years ago. Wondeful accomodation in a wonderful part of the world.
    We will return one day!!!!
    Paul and Chris, Melbourne, Australia.

  15. Brings back fond memories of the only B&B Jack endorses! ๐Ÿ™‚ This leaves me wanting more of Falmouth and we’ll have to return one day to explore the area more fully. Our California bones will have to come when it’s a tad warmer than when we were there in May. This is a fantastic, and true, view of the Inn. Loved seeing our room at the front with the Cupola. One of our best stays on our 3 week driving adventure!

    1. We loved having you as guests as you had your driving adventure. So glad Jack enjoyed the cupola or the mancupola as some have dubbed it ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi Trish,

    The grounds look beautiful. We’ll be up in September. Can’t wait to see it.

  17. Hello Trish,
    Wow, nice job, Kevin always works very well . It’s going to be very beautiful. For myself, with the help of my sons, I added this summer a porch behind the house.
    We often think of you and wish you a great harvest season.

  18. Looks great! Plan on being there again Sept of 2018 and are already planning the trip. September is the perfect time to go!

  19. Trying this for Thanksgiving morning. Thank you for sharing your family news! We so enjoyed our stay with you this past August. Hoping to get there again next Summer

  20. Trying this for Thanksgiving morning. Thank you for sharing your family news! We so enjoyed our stay with you this past August. Hoping to get there again next Summer