A little history

March 19th, 2010 by insideout

The Captain’s Manor Inn is a bed & breakfast on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Falmouth Village Green Historic District.ย  It is listed as Mostly Hall, a name it has been known by since the 1800’s when a young child remarked to his mother “look Mom, it’s mostly hall” upon entering the massive foyer.

The Inn was the 1st summer home built in Falmouth on Cape Cod and had its own furnace for heating and a private gas plant for interior and exterior lighting.

3 thoughts on “A little history

  1. Pete N.

    What a beautiful place, Trish! Best of luck to you and Kevin.

  2. Ginny Czuprynski

    Congratulations, Trish. It’s just lovely and I wish you and Kevin many years of happiness in your new venture.

  3. Julie Kraft

    Hi, Trish! I just an email from Liz Sheridan with a link to your website! WOW! What a beautiful website and place! Your next chapter is exciting. Of course, I’ve lost all track of time and now I realize your daughter must be in college or out and your son out of college. We rarely go to Falmouth; it’s such a long way from Harwich, but we may have to make an exception. It would be great to see you. Good luck! Julie

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