Interior of Falmouth Historic Museum new building

Interior of the new building

How exciting to have been at the “soft opening” of the brand new building at the Falmouth Historic Society.  It is absolutely beautiful both inside and outside.  It is always wonderful to have our community working together and for this special event Carol Chittenden of Eight Cousins bookstore coordinated with Mark Schmidt of The Falmouth Historic Society to bring the New York Best Selling Author BA Shapiro to the Historic Society for readings and background on The Art Forger novel.

BA Shapiro and Carol Chittenden

BA Shapiro & Carol Chittenden

In May, the paperback version of The Art Forger will be out and Ms. Shapiro will return to Falmouth for a book event at Eight Cousins bookstore.  The event will include a tour of the bookstore basement catacombs where Carol Chittenden will share some lore about a possible connection to Falmouth and the famous Isabella Stewart Gartner museum art heist featured in the book.


BA Shapiro book signing

The Art Forger book signing