Falmouth Museums on the Green opened for the season today with two exhibitions.

The first exhibit called “A Plate Full of History” shares the history of Falmouth as the third largest whaling port on the East Coast.  In fact more that half of the men in Falmouth were involved in the whaling trade in the 19th century.

The second exhibit is entitled “There’s a War On: The Falmouth Homefront 1941-45”.  The exhibit features artifacts, posters, clothing and oral histories as shared by local Falmouth residents.

Museums on the Green

Falmouth Museums on the Green

Admission is normally $5 and is free today on opening day.

A little later in the season another exhibit opens entitled “A Little Bit of Luck” which will run from September 1 until October 12.  In partnership with the local Falmouth restaurant , La Civetta, the work of art students who live in Emilia Romagna will be featured.  In Italy a symbol of good luck is the owl (la civetta) and the artwork will feature the owl depicted in paintings, drawings and collage work.

For more information click here to go to the Falmouth Historic Society website