Our guests always ask where can I find the best fried clams near me. After some fun research and talking with our US and International guests we share the consensus on the top 3 contenders for the best friend clams near me.

Best Fried Clams Near Me – Falmouth Ma

  1. The number one favorite are the fried clams from local Seafood Sams. The most frequent comment
    Winner of the best Fried Clams near me are  from Seafood Sam's

    Seafood Sam’s Fried Clams

    on why the fried clams from Seafood Sams are rated the best is the delicious and light coating on the clams compared to other restaurants. In addition guests constantly remark on  how fresh and tender the clams are. Many believe that based on the high volume of fried clams sold that the turnover is fast and the clams are always the freshest to be found.  You can enjoy your fried clams inside the Seafood Sam’s Falmouth location, outside in a fenced area with picnic tables and umbrellas, or take out your lunch and dinner and head to the beach or some other fun place for your culinary delight.

  2. Coming in at number two are the fried clams at the Quarterdeck Restaurant in Falmouth Village. Not only are the fried clams delicious at Quarterdeck Restaurant the setting for your dining enjoyment is unique and special. A fair amount of the interior walls and ceiling beams were salvaged from MacDougall’s Boatyard in Falmouth Harbor. In face some of the wood in the interior dates back to the late 1600s. When the interior was designed a local artist, Joe Downs, was asked to create an environment where guests would feel as if they were below deck in a sailing vessel. In addition there is a special stained glass piece of art in the dining room that at one time was the front windows from a church in Maine that no longer stands due to fire.
  3. Finishing off the top 3 are the fried clams at the Clam Shack at Falmouth Harbor. The fried clams
    Number 3 of the best fried clams nea me from the Clam Shack in falmouth Cape Cod

    Clam Shack Fried Clams

    at the Clam Shack are a bit pricier than Seafood Sam’s or The Quarterdeck and many feel you are paying for location, location, location. It is popular to order the fried clams and take a seat at one of the outdoor picnic tables facing the Falmouth Harbor and Vineyard Sound Ocean.