Landscape and other 2017 renovations

There are always lists of to do’s when you are an innkeeper. Sometimes there are more substantial renovations. Our landscape and other 2017 renovations this year included a major over haul of the front gardens, as well as reconstruction of our front lampposts and new furniture for the veranda.

It’s always a little scary to make a big change and gutting our front gardens to create new gardens was certainly scary for us. However, the time had come as the shrubs in the front had been there for so many years that the top of the shrubs were up to the banister of the veranda (6 feet above ground). In addition the landscape work to trim the bushes each year was tedious and the flowering bushes were becoming more and more sticklike with less blooms.


When the time came Kevin Sr and son Kevin Jr. got to work with hand tools and a bobcat to gut the garden. Next Kevin Sr. started by building new stone walls for the redesigned front gardens. New lattice was added as a backdrop for new shrubs and flowering plants. Another new addition were window boxes built by Kevin St. to hang on the lattice. Kevin Sr.  then moved on to create a new paver front walk where the old marble tiles had cracked and were not replaceable as they were cemented into the ground.



We hope you enjoyed these pictures of some of the 2017 landscape and other renovations.